The Service

The spelling, punctuation and grammar of the text are systematically checked and corrected, using the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft’s Word package to highlight any changes. The work is then re-read considering the language, logic and clarity of the writing. Suggestions for any amendments are made and the manuscript is returned to the author to allow them to clarify any ambiguities. The manuscript is returned to us and we read through it again, to check whether any errors have been introduced.

Rebecca not only corrects English as a native speaker, but also gives accurate and helpful scientific comments, which surely increase the level of the manuscript. Excellent proofreading, especially for non-native researchers such as Asian ones (like me) ”

Takeda et al (2008) Local positive feedback regulation determines cell shape in root hair cells. Science 319, 1241-1244.

Takeda et al (2013) Physical interaction of floral organs controls petal morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 161, 1242-1250.

Seiji Takeda
Kyoto Prefectural University