Scientific Proofreading

Whatever scientific field you are in, language barriers can get in the way of excellent science. Poor English can be the difference between your article being accepted or rejected by a journal and can be the thing that is holding you back in your university course.

Working in English as a second language can be very challenging. We at Scientific Proofreading can assist you with proofreading your scientific articles and papers to ensure that the English used is of the highest standard. Whether it is a paper for your masters or an article that you wish to submit to a journal, Scientific Proofreading can help you ensure that your English is not holding you back.

Our service goes beyond correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. We work with you to identify areas where your ideas are not clearly explained or your logic is hard to follow and make suggestions as to how you can clarify your explanations to ensure that they can be clearly followed.

To submit an article to Scientific Proofreading contact us. Or you can find out more about our expertise and our pricing.